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After you post your two questions, post any predictions you have in this format:
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Book Buddies:

__Mrs. Ladd and Mrs. Rowe__

Jacqueline, Ellie, & Rylan

Emmy, Leah, & Jessie

Eliana, Blair & Olga

Samantha, Hank, & Lizzie G.

Skyeler, Griffin K, & Izzy

Cassie, Alex & Roxane

Inquiry Topics

1. Are there poachers in Africa? What animals are poached and why? Are there consequences for that? Is poaching illegal?
2. How does the white giraffe in the book compare to real giraffes?
3. Are all the medicines "natural" made from things in nature?
4. Do Zulu people exist today? Why is the Zulu tribe so important to the African Culture? What do they believe in, celebrate, etc.Do zulu people believe in the "gift"?
5.Do Zulus really believe in "Healers"? Was the character of Grace modeled after a real zulu person ?
6. How big is a game reserve in Africa? Does Sawabona really exist? Is there really a game reserve called Sawabona?

Inquiry Research

Day 1:
  • As a group, look at your inquiry question and decide if it is--too big, too small--or just right.
  • Decide on a "driver" rotation
  • Bullet information in your own words
  • Post the information on the chart on your group's wiki page
  • Triangulate your research!
Day 2:
  • Continue your research
  • Find pictures and save them to your H-drive
  • Be sure to post the bibliographical information on the wiki
  • Discuss and decide the type of presentation you will use to BEST showcase the information you have researched.
  • Begin work on your presentation when your research for this project is complete.
Day 3:
  • Complete your presentation and post it to the wiki


After reading each chapter, write the chapter number, 2 vocab. words that were unfamiliar or interesting.

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