List here the people in your group and what supplies you have brought in.

Griffin R, Alex, Mason & Josh: Nathan's cookie Jar, Griffin- nothing, josh- mitt, mason- nothing

Rylan, Hunter, Griffin & Jevon: Microphone, chopsticks, cup with stick, 2 marbles & easter egg cups, Rylan- nothing, Hunter- nothing, Griffin- nothing

Roxane, Ellie, Marin & Tess- paper towel roll, Roxane- bracelets, Marin& Tess- hand sanitizeer bottle

Leah, Izzy, Olga , Lizzie G- 2 coke cans, Izzy- nothing, Olga- nothing, Lizzie G. -nothing

Nataly, Caroline, Stephen & Hank-Hank- ab, Nothing everyone else

Blair & Lizzie P. Jessie & Gillian- Nordstrom's Bag, pans & macaroon can, Box w/ rocks

Conclusion: Let's Make Some Harmonious Sounds

Option #1- Create a music video using the flip cameras, bring in one or two household items that are not a “traditional” instrument! Will be performed live in front of the class! (describes how stomp does it!) You may join with another group to do this.

Option #2- Using Glogster create a sound card using at least 5 different sounds. This is an example of how it might look. Sound cards with pictures (audacity)

Here is the directions for your final project for sound.

1. Chose the option that you & your group are going to perform.

2. Write a skit to "show" what you know about the topic of sound.

3. Using audicity or another means to "Show" your knowledge, you need to include and explain the following vocabulary words .: sound, sound waves, pitch, volume, vibrations, tension, decibel, frequency, describe low sounds related to waves & vibrations, describe high sounds related to waves & vibrations, include how ear & vocal cords work.

4. Either, include in the skit the pattern that you & your group will play or draw a model of the sound card that will be used to show your knowledge. Tell who will play what part & name the object used to make that sound or label who will find the sound for the sound card.

5. Have the script approved by your teacher.

6. Practice the script at least 3 times.

7. Then have someone from another group video tape your group.

8. Upload the video to this page.