Bones/Muscles Web Quest Directions:
1. With your group come up with 3 questions you have about bones and/or muscles.
2. Create a group notes page. Name your page MB- Ladd (group number) .
3. Come up with 3 questions that you would like to find out about muscles or bones. Write your 3 questions on the page.
4. Put any pictures, notes, and resources you find on this page.
5. Then answer the following questions-Make sure you add these questions and answers on your team page.

A. What is one function of the skeletal muscles?
B. What is one function of the skeletal system?
C. How do the bones and muscles work together to help the body function?

Groups Note Page

Jigsaw the activities and have 2 students research muscual system & the other 2 students research the sketal system.

Biology of Bones - Games for you!!!
Your Bones


Print out this skeleton!!!

Real World Science- Skeleton & Muscles



3. Skeleton Song

4. Hannah Montana Bone Dance

Bones Websites:

Your Gross and Cool Body

How the body works movie

How cool are your bones, click here to learn more.

Bone Food

Name your bones

Brain Pop: Muscles
Brainpop Jr. Skeleton

Muscle Sites

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