Visit these sites to help you learn more about the sun, moon, earth & stars.

Space Websites
Digital books
Big Blue Marble digital story:
What Is the Solar System:

This is a great resource document that has lots of kid-friendly websites:

Great things for kids to do as well as kid-friendly information about the solar system.

Another good site for kids that includes an astronomy dictionary to help with glossary- vocab. words.

Help with Moon Phases

The Sun & Planets


Just for you young astronomers.

Nasa Site for Kids

Kid's Astronomy
Site to help studnets research information

Cassini's Kid Space
Discover the solar system with amazing stories, acitivities and art.

Mars Exploration Fun Zone
Build a world on Mars, drive a rover, and have more fun at the Mars Fun Zone.
Explore the Mars Exploration Fun Zone

Rock Around the World
Mars Scientists are asking students from around the world to help them understand the red planet. Send in a rock collected by you or your classroom from your region of the world and we will use a special tool like the one on the Mars Exploration Rovers to tell you what it's made of.
Explore Rock Around the World
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