My cute Mr. Snowman is missing. He is nowhere to be found. He loves you alot and will miss you but decided that it was just getting too warm inside our classroom so he set out to have his own adventure. Please let us know where Mr. Snowman is and what he is doing.

1. You must make your own page. to do this Open this page by clicking on "Edit This Page."
2. Type your name.
3. Highlight your name.
4. Click the link button.
5. Add link and save.

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Lizzie G.'s snowman journal
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Mason's Snowman Journal

Once you have your own page made. Follow these steps for each letter:

1. Type the date that you are writing the letter.
2. Begin each letter, "Dear (your name)," .
3. The first sentence of your letter should tell where you are.
This is the setting.

4. The next four sentences should be details about what you're doing there and what it's like. Use as many of your senses as you can to do this. What can you see, hear, smell, taste and touch where you are? Describe how they look, sound, smell, taste and feel like with powerful word choice. These sentences tell about the setting and the activity. You may also choose to include a problem.
5. The last sentence should tell how you feel about where you are.
6. Sign your letter: "Love, Mr. or Miss Snowman aka.".
7. Make sure your letter has
at least six sentences.
8. Make sure you have checked it for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.
9. If you like, you may include pictures of the places he visits, but you must tell where you found the picture. and why it is important to the story.