Please follow the directions for your team's insect project.

You will be given an insect:

Ant, Bee, Butterfly, Cricket, Darkling Beetle(Mealworm), Milkweed Bug

You will describe the life cycle, body parts, habitat, and behaviors of your insect. Then you will compare your insect to another insect's group.

Life Cycle

1) Explain the life cycle of your insect- upload or draw and take a digital picture of your insect's life cycle or use the pictures you took during observations & make a photo story showing each stage.
2) How long does your animal live?
3) How long does it take your animal to grow from baby to adult?
4) What are the different life cycle stages for your animal?

5) Label the life cycle as complete or incomplete.
6) Use audicity, power point, or flip video to explain the life cycle.


1) What does your animal look like?
2) Describe colors or color changes between life cycles.
3) What is the size of your insect?
4) How much does your insect weigh?
5) Find or draw a picture of your insect. Upload the picture.
6) Label the parts of your insect.
7) Use audicity, power point or flip video to explain the body parts and their function.


1) Describe the Natural Habitat in which you will find your insect.
2) What does your insect need in order to survive?

3) What is the weather/climate like where your insect lives?
4) Where does your insect find shelter?
5) What does the habitat look like?
6) Locate and describe the place(s) in the world where your insect can be found.
7) Find a picture of the place where your insect lives- locate a map, the actual place where your insect lives, or produce a drawing.
8) Up load the picture(s).
9) Use audicity, power point flip video or any other web tool to explain about the natural habitat of your insect and the location.


1) Include how your insect moves in each stage of its life cycle,
2) Who are its predators? Can you find or draw a picture and upload it to your page?
3) Who does it prey upon? Can you find or draw a picture and upload it to your page?
4) What does your animal eat?
5) What time of day does your insect eat?

6) How does it eat its food?
7) How many times a day does it eat? And how much?

8) Use audicity, power point or a flip video to explain your insects behavior.


1) Select another insect group that we have studied in this unit.
2) Compare & contrast the two insects using the Venn diagram from Read,Think, Write. Venn DIagram
3) Use audicity or flip video to explain the similarities & differences or present your project using any tool you are familiar with.
Decide how you are going to present your project to the class and upload the project to the Insect Projects page wiki page.